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Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.


Sep 01 2019

As a sometime watcher of American television and movies, there is one element of many storylines that makes me want to extract vengeance on the scriptwriter. I know full well that TV and movies are not real life.

But unfortunately it’s a line that is repeated very often in real life by Americans. And I have even heard it creeping into the…


Sep 01 2019

We have read various commentaries predicting that with the last cut, and the promise of more to come, of the Official Cash Rate, that yields will follow a parallel course and reduce also. It’s a simple premise – that as landlords can borrow for less, and if they have cash in the bank they will receive less interest for it, then they will be prepared…

Measure twice, cut once

Aug 01 2019

This was the message repeated over and over to us as a youngster as an assistant to a builder. It’s a message not forgotten. And it can be applied in so many more fields than just carpentry.

When recently we were presented with an opportunity which involved a vendor who was not registered for GST, we were careful to check not just twice,…

Productivity is New Zealand's biggest economic challenge

Aug 01 2019

The headline is not an attention seeking one of our making. It’s front and centre on the website of the government’s Treasury Department.

They say that “Productivity and labour force participation are the key drivers of economic performance, higher wages and higher living standards. With an unemployment rate that is around the lowest in the…

Compare and Contrast

Aug 01 2019

A favourite theme of English teachers (at least it was back in time when we went to school) was to compile an essay on “Comparing and Contrasting”. Usually to do with poetry or plays. And it comes to mind periodically when we think about the usefulness of some aspects of higher education – we once met a PHD who had completed their thesis on a comparison…

A case for thinking rental calculations

Jul 01 2019

There are times that industries can be a little like a flock of sheep. If some of the flock turn one way, the rest will too. Or as  Donald Trump would do: say it enough times and it must be true.

And the way we calculate rentals is a little like that. The size of the building times a pre-determined rental rate. Plus perhaps add something…

Warts and All

Jul 01 2019

When we are looking to purchase a new TV, a new car or even a fishing rod or a movie ticket, for most the first place they go is the internet. Looking at reviews, comparisons, specifications and prices is now second nature for most. We want the information about the product, or the service, what others think about it, and how the price compares. …

The evolution of communication

Jun 01 2019

It was not so many years ago that there were cries of dismay that the English language would be forever strangled by text talk. That’s the use of language whereby almost every word was reduced in length by eliminating vowels to save on characters, and thereby ensure that messages were less than 168 characters. Almost inevitably, the threat of demise…

The Future of Work

Jun 01 2019

It’s a topic which has received increased media attention recently – just what shape does work take in the future? Will robots take our jobs? Will artificial intelligence render humans obsolete?

It has immediate relevance in the commercial and industrial real estate sector, as the way people work influences the type of buildings they need.


Banks behaving badly

Jun 01 2019

Some of the most common feedback we hear is that the banks are “tightening up”. There may well be a downstream impact of the increased capital requirements the banks have had imposed on them. And there is certainly not the appetite for risk that existed a couple of years back.

We would certainly be critical of the way many “bankers” go about…

The Transformation Project

May 01 2019

Prior to commencing every transformation project, we ask ourselves the question “what are we trying to achieve?“

Because, as Lewis Carroll said in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland “If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there”.

Every project is different, and every building is different. Which…

Waste Not, Want Not

Apr 01 2019

Waste- to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.

All Baby Boomers will have heard the phrase “waste not, want not” as they were growing up. Often added to it, especially around meal time, was the admonishment that you needed to eat whatever was put in front of you, as no matter what you thought…