Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

The evolution of communication

Jun 01 2019

It was not so many years ago that there were cries of dismay that the English language would be forever strangled by text talk. That’s the use of language whereby almost every word was reduced in length by eliminating vowels to save on characters, and thereby ensure that messages were less than 168…

The Future of Work

Jun 01 2019

It’s a topic which has received increased media attention recently – just what shape does work take in the future? Will robots take our jobs? Will artificial intelligence render humans obsolete?

It has immediate relevance in the commercial and industrial real estate sector, as the way people…

Banks behaving badly

Jun 01 2019

Some of the most common feedback we hear is that the banks are “tightening up”. There may well be a downstream impact of the increased capital requirements the banks have had imposed on them. And there is certainly not the appetite for risk that existed a couple of years back.

We would certainly…

The Transformation Project

May 01 2019

Prior to commencing every transformation project, we ask ourselves the question “what are we trying to achieve?“

Because, as Lewis Carroll said in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland “If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there”.

Every project…

Waste Not, Want Not

Apr 01 2019

Waste- to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.

All Baby Boomers will have heard the phrase “waste not, want not” as they were growing up. Often added to it, especially around meal time, was the admonishment that you needed to eat whatever was…

My Hobby - Open Homes

Mar 01 2019

Anyone who has been to a residential open home will know that there are people who tour open homes as a hobby. As entertainment it is cheaper than going to the movies, and for some people the voyeurism of looking through strangers’ homes is more fun than playing golf, or even going the mall.


Cold Turkey and Higher Learning

Mar 01 2019

As a vegetarian it would be inappropriate for me to go Cold Turkey. Nevertheless I am trying to quit the addiction of social media. It’s hard though. The fear of missing out on the pictures of a friend’s lunch, or the endearing shots of a relatives’ cute little rug rat, plays on my mind. What would…

Stock Availability March 2019

Mar 01 2019

It is been notable in the first two months of the year just how little stock has come on to the market. At Expedio we have been busy with transactions – but primarily sales and leases. A dearth of new stock has seen our portfolio depleted, which of course makes us reluctant to sell more until we can…

Opportunities in e-commerce

Feb 01 2019

It’s old news that the growth of e-commerce provides opportunities for industrial real estate developers. But an article in claims that of the $500 billion in online US sales last year, $75 to $150 billion worth of merchandise was returned. These…

Is there an alternative to GDP?

Feb 01 2019

We have seen the calls for an alternative measure of economic activity to GDP. From triple bottom line accounting to a happiness index, there have been alternatives such as the Genuine Progress Indicator GPI, United National Human Development Index UNHDI and Gross Sustainable Development Product Index…