Contact Information for our Tenants

1. For maintenance issues, please email

2. For emergency issues, please call 09 262 0088

3. For accounts, please email

4. For anything else, email

Regular Maintenance

As landlords, our philosophy on maintenance can be summed up with the old proverb - "A stitch in time, saves nine". Regular maintenance such as roller door servicing, aircon servicing, tree pruning and electrical checks are scheduled and carried out on a regular basis. If you have any issues outside of scheduled maintenance, let us know as soon as possible. 

Managing Your Risk

Having an understanding of your business enables us (and our suppliers) to give risk management advice, with the ultimate objective of helping you to stay in business. The following guides are from NZI Insurance and are worth downloading and ensuring you are incorporating the advice into your business practices. 

Insulated Panel Guide

Small Business Risk Management