The Expedio Story

When we entered the work force in the 1960’s, working environments were very different to the workplaces of today. Our experience was of broken down, worn out and often rarely cleaned environments. Often staff facilities were minimal to non-existent, and of course smoking was prevalent indoors.  Many factories had aspects which could have come from Dickens writing.

Over the years most factories, offices and staff facilities have been vastly  improved. But there are still many buildings that have had little maintenance or improvements for decades.

At Expedio we believe that the working environment impacts significantly on the product or service ultimately produced. Creating a more efficient working environment – in terms of lighting, accessibility , workflows, facilities etc, benefits the personnel working in that space, and ultimately  the enterprise itself.

A large part of what we do at Expedio is to take older industrial buildings and refurbish them  so that they are not only more efficient places to produce goods and services, but also  that they are better and healthier places to work. We believe that the staff facilities at work should be no worse than what people are used to at home. In an industrial environment that means spending upfront on design and quality. A building in a commercial environment will always have a harder life than a residential property. By investing in quality products for our refurbishments we are ensuring that tenants, owner-occupiers and investors all have an enduring building that is an efficient and productive place to work, and minimises ongoing maintenance. That delivers savings all round in the long term.

We are proud of the end product we produce. We aim to produce refurbished buildings that are “fit for purpose”. That look good, perform well, and are robust enough to withstand the rigours of everyday industrial use. This applies whether the project is a building we will be holding as an investment, or on-selling to another investor or owner-occupier. Whilst refurbished buildings may look better than buildings in “original” condition, it is what cannot be seen that really determines quality. n the past we have ourselves been a long term end user of large industrial buildings, and know that plumbing and electrics that can’t be seen are often more important in determining the quality of a building than what can be seen.