Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

An Induction to Expedio

Nov 01 2018

Over the years the team at Expedio have been involved in quite a number of different businesses. Even though they have been in various industries, there has been one constant – people. Some businesses have had more people, others less. Having those people working together, for the same goals, with…

Are we producing the right product?

Oct 01 2018

It’s a question every business asks in order to ensure that their offering, whether product or service, is what the markets wants and needs.

For an industrial landlord, finding the answers is a little harder than for many businesses. Many of our potential customers are one step removed from…

Market Comment October 2018

Oct 01 2018

Expedio has just concluded one of the busiest months in our history in terms of transactions – both purchase and sale, plus of course leases.  Our thanks go to those agents who have completed the many transactions for us. Once again, almost all transactions were off market.

We prefer to work…


Sep 01 2018

One of the expectations Expedio has of agents working any of our properties is that they will qualify potential clients.

It is a relatively simple task to qualify potential clients , and the benefits are immense.

We start by asking questions. We start by asking the industry they are…

The Expedio Transformation

Sep 01 2018

We have all read about the benefits provided to Silicon Valley employees. The free food, the bean bags and the foosball. There are also free spa treatments, free carwashes  (Genentech), free Crossfit classes (Reebok) and even free egg freezing and fertility assistance (Spotify) on offer. When do they…


Aug 01 2018

A new word entered the lexicon in the 19th century. For  a long time, it was rarely used. As with many other new words, there were existing words which served the same purpose.

But, “experiential” has gained traction of recent times . It means (according to the Oxford dictionary)…

Market Comment August 2018

Aug 01 2018

Looking back over the last few months, we note that almost all of our transactions have been off-market.  Which reminded us of a comment from an agent a few years back. The agent said (and this is paraphrasing the comment ) “We have to have a sign on a property, otherwise we would never find buyers”.


Client Registration

Aug 01 2018

Agents are reminded that potential clients should be registered with us. The most obvious reason for this is that we don’t want to be adjudicating squabbles over commissions between competing agents. But a more practical reason is that, particularly with regard to leasing, registration of the client…

In defense of handshakes

Jul 01 2018

Seth Godin is a writer who often views the world a little differently – but always with a huge amount of common sense. Here is one of his recent pieces. With thanks to Seth Godin.

It seems to be getting more difficult to trust that someone is going to do what they say they said they were going…

Looking at Leverage

Jul 01 2018

There is obviously a substantial difference between the industry of residential property – and the industry of commercial and industrial property. Aside from the obvious – that residential is in the main owner-occupied, and (in the main) the owner’s major asset – very often the motivating factors…

Market Comment June 2018

Jun 01 2018

Even though it may not be obvious from the number of vacant properties we have available, the Expedio team have not been asleep of recent times. With a significant proportion of transactions now occurring off-market, we have been busy with both sales and acquisitions. Thanks to those agents who keep…

The Expedio Equation

May 16 2018

The problem: Significant numbers of industrial buildings were built in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Since that time the way in which many buildings are used has changed – but the buildings have not.

In many cases minimal maintenance has been carried out over the years.

The solution: Expedio…