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Six phone calls later

May 31 2013

Six uneventful phone calls later I’m about to give up. But I can’t give up because nothing will happen. But I can’t keep try either because I’m not actually getting anywhere. Nobody wants to answer their phone. Nobody wants to return their voicemails. And nobody wants to reply to emails. Could try…

Needing competitively priced storage / warehouse / factory?

Apr 25 2013

58 Victoria St: High Stud warehouse with 2 large roller doors. 400 m2 warehouse and  160  m2 office.  $62,000 p.a. ++  (dependent on refurbishment requirements, this could be lower)
104 Princes St: 650 m2 Medium stud warehouse plus 120 m2 office. …

What's the price?

Mar 29 2013

Can you imagine going to the dairy in New Zealand to buy Milk and Bread, and having the guy look you up and down before decided what to charge you? No?

Here in Chile, more often than not, pricing is not displayed on products in stores or in the Feria, the fruit and vege markets. Virtually…

Qualifying clients & Thoughts on the market

Mar 01 2013

Following on from the extremely busy December and January, February has been no different. Good levels of enquiry (although enquiries have dropped off marginally during the second half of February) and, most importantly, those enquiries have translated into sales.…

Balancing the good and the ugly

Feb 05 2013

It's easy to do the good stuff right, but are we judged more by what we do wrong than what we do right ?
Many organisations are judged favourably by what they do well. And so it should be.But how often is it that far more weight is given to what we do wrong, than what we do right 99% of the time.…

Thanks to John Bolton

Jan 28 2013

29 Moa St Sold

Jan 03 2013

17 Moa St Sold

Jan 03 2013

The next great american powerhouse -India or China

Nov 02 2012

Reading much of the American business press, and even our own to some extent, would have you believing that it is something of a toss-up between China and India as to which will be the next world economic powerhouse. But, as is oft quoted, statistics don't tell all the story, and the story they do…

Not trying to gild the lilly

Nov 02 2012

We deal with a wide variety of small businesses in our day to day activities. Unfortunately far too often we come across businesses who are trying to rort the system in one way or another.Long term we all know that it never pays, but it refreshing to come across someone who actually spells out one…

It's diferent over there

Nov 02 2012

Most months you get real estate wisdom and thoughts from Richard.

This month you get me, Rachel. I do all of the website work, and much of the marketing and social media for Expedio and her sister companies, Aventure and High Beam. And, since three years ago, I also live in Northern Chile.…