Stock Availability March 2019

It is been notable in the first two months of the year just how little stock has come on to the market. At Expedio we have been busy with transactions – but primarily sales and leases. A dearth of new stock has seen our portfolio depleted, which of course makes us reluctant to sell more until we can find properties to buy.

Values certainly have not fallen from the levels they ended last year at – quality buildings with quality leases are still around 5%. As was the case in the last quarter of 2018, there is plenty of interest from qualified investors, but the pool of smaller potential owner-occupiers is much smaller than it was earlier in 2018.There are still owner-occupiers in the market, and in general terms seem to be better qualified than a year ago when every small business wanted to buy premises.

Which means that the message is that we are buying, and keen to look at opportunities.