As Minister Shane Jones goes about planting his one billion trees, our thoughts go to the potential mountain biking and trail running opportunities all those forests will provide. It’s a win-win-win. There are increased employment opportunities in places where often there are not a lot of jobs. The forests will offset our carbon footprint. And more people can get out and exercise, and so reduce the cost of health care needed for obesity, and a whole heap of other health ailments exacerbated by inactivity.

But there is a type of forest we see too often which brings none of the above benefits – and that’s the forest of agents’ signs outside properties. They are forests which provide none of the save-the-planet attributes  of Minister Jones’ forests. They are a blight on the industrial landscape – particularly as so many owners and developers now recognize the significant advantages of presentation and landscaping of buildings.

I would like to see evidence from any of our real estate agents that signs are of any benefit to any part of the process of selling industrial property, other than showcasing the agent’s name.