The serious task of qualifying buyers/tenants

We have previously written about the role of the agent as an intermediary between vendor/landlord and purchaser/tenant. And we have also expressed how much we love to pay commissions – because paying commissions means we are doing deals.

And in this whole process, one of the aspects we hate to experience is wasted time – whether it is our time, and agent’s time, or a client’s time.

A constant refrain we hear is agents complaining that clients waste their time. They tell them they want to lease 500 m2 in East Tamaki and end up buying 1000m2 in Papakura. Or enquire about leasing a dozen different properties when all they really want is evidence to re-negotiate their current lease. But so much of this wasted time could easily be avoided right at the start of the process, by a very simple technique. What is that technique? Simply asking questions.

For many agents, when as a response to their marketing, a potential client calls or emails, they fail to do the most basic thing – find out the client’s motivation. By simply engaging the potential client in a range of questions (where are you currently located? How much space do you have? How much do you need? What are your critical “must-haves” in a site?  Are you looking to invest or occupy? Why do you want/have to move ? etc)  a clearer picture can be formed of needs and wants. Understanding the requirements and motivations can be a massive short cut to finding the right property for the client,or alternatively jettisoning a time-waster.

But how many fail to ask even a single question?