The Expedio refurbishment process

As we purchase older buildings (and that can include as young as 10 years old) and as tenants move on,we embark on a refurbishment process. This not just about making the property more attractive to lease. It's much easier to undertake basic renovations, such as paint and carpet, when the building is unoccupied.
Part of the concept of refurbishment is also to create better working environments for incoming tenants. By replacing worn fixtures and fittings with new ones, and generally sprucing a building up, it creates a more conducive and efficient workspace, with the side effect being that invariably the better presented a building is, the better people look after it.

In warehouses we are mostly replacing old style hi bay lights with LED high bay units. It's obviously easier to access these before the building is filled with racking and machinery. LED's will save the tenant up to 80% in electricity costs, and also require less maintenance in that there are no bulbs to change.
Often also we will replace or motorise roller doors,replace old air conditioning units and carpet.
We are often asked prior to a project commencing to detail exactly what the refurbishment plan will entail. Unfortunately the  answer is usually " it depends" . Until we get started on a project there are so many aspects which are not apparent. Until a sink unit is pulled out we don't know whether the hot water cylinder needs replacing. And until we actually lift a few sheets on the roof, we don't know whether it can be adequately repaired, or it needs replacement.
Be assured however, that when we embark on a refurbishment project, we are looking to produce a quality product in keeping with the quality of the building itself.