The changing face of property marketing

It wasn’t so many years ago that the main marketing efforts for most commercial property were printed flyers, signs hammered in lawns, and the New Zealand Herald. There are still people who spend money on all three. Possibly mainly to market the real estate company rather than the property.

But most major marketing efforts are now web based, and TradeMe still reigns supreme as the primary web medium.
There are however, pitfalls in web based marketing. And the main one is exactly the same as the main pitfall with signs. More is NOT necessarily better.
We have always contended that more signs hammered into the lawn not only makes life more difficult for the person mowing the lawn, but also makes the property look like a difficult proposition to lease or sell. In fact a forest of signs starts to look like desperation.

Similarly, does a whole cluster of TradeMe ads for the same property actually promote the property more?  Or make it harder to sell or lease. Having a multitude of web ads looks to me more like desperation.
Accordingly, henceforth Expedio is limiting the number of Trade Me ads that can appear for our properties. Just as currently signs are by express permission only, so too will Trade Me ads be by express permission only. Please ensure you obtain our permission before listing one of our properties on Trade Me.