Street Smarts v. University Learning

The team at Expedio have a variety of learning experiences that they bring to our sector of the property industry. Not all learning comes from the formal setting of an institution. Often learning comes from life experiences, and collectively the team has plenty of those.

Amongst those experiences:

One of the team had a career breaking in racehorses.

One of the team worked in the gaming industry – in Barcelona.

One of the team raced in the world’s toughest mountain bike stage race.

One of the team lived on the edge of the world’s driest desert in Chile for 10 years.

One of the team was a secondary school teacher in Samoa.

Three of the team have been Adventure racers, Two have finished Ironman, but only one Coast to Coast.

Three of the team have university degrees. The others have graduated from the school of hard knocks.

One of the team builds websites.

One of the team cycled across Germany for a beer. Or Two.

One of the team followed the World Rally Championship around the world. But not as a groupie.

One of the team sold motorcycles.

One of the team has run a 2:41 marathon.

One of the team cycled the length of the UK and can confirm that real clotted cream is a revelation.

One of the team worked training the disabled in life and work skills.

Several of the team have been small business owners.

And one of the team ran a gym – at a profit!

All of these skills bring a breadth of experience and background which combine to give Expedio  a wide variety of perspectives as we not only buy and sell industrial property, but also refurbish and lease and interact with our tenants. Not all learning comes from a formal institution, and not all skills come from being taught them. Life experience is often under-rated as a qualification.

“Success depends on how you react to unexpected opportunities”  Ross Perot