Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

A New Mayor for the SuperCity

Nov 01 2016

Over the past few years I have been consistently critical of our council. The Super City has not delivered on promised benefits. It’s bloated middle management structure has exemplified the worst examples of people who go to work to eat their lunch (very probably at the rate payers expense) and don’t…

Prominent Position Drury: Sold

Oct 17 2016

A multi-tenanted industrial complex in a prominent position in the centre of Drury.

Airport Oaks: SOLD

Oct 17 2016

1500 m2 warehouse and office leased on a long term lease to international tenant.


Oct 17 2016

Industrial unit of 154 m2 warehouse and 26 m2 office with 3 dedicated car parks in a block of 6 units.

Capn' Obvious

Sep 20 2016

Well done to those companies who have realized that large parts of the print industry are writhing in their death throes. So much of how we work now is digital, and does not involve letterheads and envelopes and licking stamps.The art of reading books is not…

Is the market turning turtle?

Aug 27 2016

Traders in every commodity and marketplace are constantly attempting to predict  the future direction of the market. Some, such as traders at Deutsche Bank, take predicting a little too far and actually manipulate the market. But, for most of us, we are simply trying to gather data, ascertain emotions,…

Housing Crisis

Aug 01 2016

As every commentator, economist and amateur politician has a viewpoint on the so-called housing crisis , it must be time for us to also chip in with a view.

We have views on why houses are so expensive to build in New Zealand, but we don’t believe that impacts significantly on the price of…

Auctions - time for a change of heart?

Aug 01 2016

We have not been shy at expressing our opinions on auctions. They are an agents way of securing a sole agency. Purchasers have to spend time and money on due diligence with no way of knowing they will be in, or even near,the  right price bracket. And they are difficult processes for buyers requiring…

A changing language

Aug 01 2016

Having spent a little time in France recently, and observed their efforts to maintain the integrity of the French language, we have been reflecting  on the changing nature of English. France has gone to the extreme of legislating in an effort to keep some purity in the language. With words from English…

That phone call could be your next customer

Jul 01 2016

Of course it’s only you and I that believe that. Most calls we make either go to the “press one for…” routine, or we are routed through to Basil or Wendy for assistance – only to find that Basil and Wendy are both answerphones. And the messages never get returned.
We can understand that…

The Paradox of Technology

Jul 01 2016

Is there an increasing disconnect between what technology is capable of doing and what the human brain (or at least many of them) is capable of?
We may not quite be in an age of driverless cars. But my car can parallel park by itself. And it can turn itself on and off to save fuel as I wait in…

Are we treating our visitors right?

May 31 2016

The subject has been raised in recent times, connecting the negative attitudes of some towards Chinese house purchasers, and the potential impact on the country’s burgeoning Chinese tourist business. Tourism is one of the largest parts of our economy, and it is proper that there should be focus on…