Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

The Customer Experience

Feb 28 2017

The purchase of a product or service is not just about the product or the service. It’s also about the experience that is part of the purchase – both leading up to the purchase, and the transaction itself. Successful retailers are well aware how important the pre-purchase experience is. If they don’t…

Market Comment Feb 2017

Feb 28 2017

Very often when we stop to analyse the market and it’s direction we focus on the external factors – the state of the economy, what the banks are doing, what suburban accountants are saying and the projected Fonterra payout. A major aspect that very often we totally by-pass is how well individual businesses…

Ripe for Disruption

Jan 29 2017

The last decade has seen major disruption across many industries. Industries that in the main carried on doing what they had been doing for years, but new technology, or new thinking, forced change.

Taxis and bookselling  are just two examples. Uber, Lyft and others have caused major disruption…

Confusing Communication Conundrum

Jan 09 2017

I don’t think that I am the only one who is confused about the new world order of communication. There is no doubt that Facebook is the best platform for sharing your cat’s antics or your dinner menu. And Instagram and Snapchat have their place, especially when sharing baby photos. Twitter is an effective…

The changing face of property marketing

Jan 09 2017

It wasn’t so many years ago that the main marketing efforts for most commercial property were printed flyers, signs hammered in lawns, and the New Zealand Herald. There are still people who spend money on all three. Possibly mainly to market the real estate company rather than the property.


2017 - Challenges Ahead

Jan 09 2017

If we believe the media, 2017 promises to be a challenging year for our industry. Confidence will be down and finance harder to find. Plus, money will be more expensive. Decisions will take longer to be made, and there will be less offshore money seeking a home here.

But it is a challenge…

Basic Industrial Units in Papakura

Dec 08 2016

Excellent progress is being made on refurbishment of two basic industrial units in central Papakura. They are 357 m2 and 365 m2, with one having a sizeable yard.
We expect to have them ready to display to potential tenants prior to Christmas.

Just purchased in Takanini

Dec 08 2016

Just purchased – a block of 4 small ( 90 m2 ) units with good parking in a prominent position in Takanini. Available with vacant possession April 2017

I had to buy new trousers

Nov 23 2016

I like to get full value from the products I buy. I don’t like to throw them away just because they are old or have gone out of fashion.
But I did need to buy new trousers. The knees had totally worn out. And the knees had worn out because we have done so many transactions.
I am sure…

Will the logical prevail?

Nov 23 2016

We have been told that the Brexit would lose. It didn’t. The polls told us that Hillary would win. She didn’t. The American electorate was told of the thousands of jobs lost to China. When in reality they were lost to automation. And now we are being told that when interest rates rise so too will…

We love paying commissions

Nov 23 2016

It’s a theme that we repeat over and over. We really do. Because paying commissions means we are doing deals.

And doing deals is what keeps us in business.
But we don’t like being taken advantage of.

Every agent knows that prices and values have risen substantially over the…

Will Zayn Malik re-join One Direction?

Nov 01 2016

I really don’t know the answer to that question. And I don’t care. I will happily leave pondering it to another generation with time on their hands to consider pointless and inconsequential matters.
What concerns me most about Direction  is the likely direction of our investment market.