Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

Observations from a far off place

Jul 01 2017

We have recently been refreshing our attitude with travels in the lush and green byways and narrow lanes of rural England. With ample time to ponder as we pedal two wheels, the concept has been to ride the countryside, staying off major roads as much as possible. With the aid of a GPS this has taken…

The golden goose wears drag

Jul 01 2017

Well, perhaps not drag. But often golden geese can be well disguised. Sometimes the best opportunities are those which don’t necessarily look like the best opportunities.

One such opportunity  is leasing. We know that leasing , particularly of smaller units, does not pay nearly  as well for…

Market Comment June 2017

Jun 01 2017

There certainly seems to be a tightening in availability of bank finance. The media would have us believe that this is primarily due to the Australian banks taking their capital back to Australia. But whatever the reason, anecdotally we are hearing of instances where banks have backed away from financing…

The rise of the useless class

May 23 2017

One of the topics we sometimes ponder in our leisure time is the future of many in the work force as technology renders increasing numbers of jobs obsolete. Artificial intelligence, algorithms and automation are replacing people in many areas. Whilst there may be new jobs created, many will require…

The serious task of qualifying buyers/tenants

May 01 2017

We have previously written about the role of the agent as an intermediary between vendor/landlord and purchaser/tenant. And we have also expressed how much we love to pay commissions – because paying commissions means we are doing deals.

And in this whole process, one of the aspects we hate…

What is a final inspection?

May 01 2017

We have recently experienced examples of confusion as to what exactly a “final inspection” prior to settlement of a sale/purchase of a property means.

So we thought we would clarify. And also set out what we believe to be the role of the agent in the “final inspection” process.



The United problem – blame McDonalds

May 01 2017

There would be few who were not aware of the PR disaster recently that saw United Airlines at one stage lose $800 million in sharemarket value. Thanks to a cellphone camera and the internet, millions were able to see a passenger dragged kicking and screaming from a United flight.

There has…

Numbers - what numbers?

Apr 01 2017

When an agent tells me “ You will really love this building” I politely tell him to go back to selling residential.

Actually, I don’t. But that is what I am thinking. Because industrial real estate is not about emotions. And certainly not about romantic emotions.
Having the smell of freshly…

We don't know what we don't know

Apr 01 2017

It applies in every industry. We don’t know what we could know. Or should know. Or need to know.
Ultimately we are all responsible for educating ourselves. But sometimes there needs to be a little guidance. Not just in knowing where to learn – but what to learn.
Expedio has been particularly…

The Customer Experience

Feb 28 2017

The purchase of a product or service is not just about the product or the service. It’s also about the experience that is part of the purchase – both leading up to the purchase, and the transaction itself. Successful retailers are well aware how important the pre-purchase experience is. If they don’t…

Market Comment Feb 2017

Feb 28 2017

Very often when we stop to analyse the market and it’s direction we focus on the external factors – the state of the economy, what the banks are doing, what suburban accountants are saying and the projected Fonterra payout. A major aspect that very often we totally by-pass is how well individual businesses…

Ripe for Disruption

Jan 29 2017

The last decade has seen major disruption across many industries. Industries that in the main carried on doing what they had been doing for years, but new technology, or new thinking, forced change.

Taxis and bookselling  are just two examples. Uber, Lyft and others have caused major disruption…