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Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

My Hobby - Open Homes

Mar 01 2019

Anyone who has been to a residential open home will know that there are people who tour open homes as a hobby. As entertainment it is cheaper than going to the movies, and for some people the voyeurism of looking through strangers’ homes is more fun than playing golf, or even going the mall.

But when someone fronts up at a commercial or industrial…

Cold Turkey and Higher Learning

Mar 01 2019

As a vegetarian it would be inappropriate for me to go Cold Turkey. Nevertheless I am trying to quit the addiction of social media. It’s hard though. The fear of missing out on the pictures of a friend’s lunch, or the endearing shots of a relatives’ cute little rug rat, plays on my mind. What would I say to them next time we meet? No, I didn’t see…

Stock Availability March 2019

Mar 01 2019

It is been notable in the first two months of the year just how little stock has come on to the market. At Expedio we have been busy with transactions – but primarily sales and leases. A dearth of new stock has seen our portfolio depleted, which of course makes us reluctant to sell more until we can find properties to buy.

Values certainly…

Opportunities in e-commerce

Feb 01 2019

It’s old news that the growth of e-commerce provides opportunities for industrial real estate developers. But an article in claims that of the $500 billion in online US sales last year, $75 to $150 billion worth of merchandise was returned. These are US figures, but they show returns for online…

Is there an alternative to GDP?

Feb 01 2019

We have seen the calls for an alternative measure of economic activity to GDP. From triple bottom line accounting to a happiness index, there have been alternatives such as the Genuine Progress Indicator GPI, United National Human Development Index UNHDI and Gross Sustainable Development Product Index GSPI promoted.

The GDP does not account…


Jan 04 2019

Christmas is all about family. And as the family was in attendance, I took the opportunity to sit  down and talk with Mr Six-year-old. And what better to talk to him about than ghosts. It seemed reasonable that he would be as knowledgeable as anyone. After all, he has an inexhaustible repository of information on a wide variety of subjects. It all …

Market Predictions for 2019

Jan 04 2019

Trying to predict what a market with so many external influences may do is a fools game at the best of times. But in an age where the world is so inter-connected, and where so much of the world seems to have taken crazy pills, it becomes even more difficult. We therefore preface our predictions  with the rider that any major upheaval is likely to…

'Tis the season to be Jolly?

Dec 01 2018

For some perhaps it is a time to be jolly. But for many, the sound of jingle bells ringing out in the mall portents a season (or more) of debt and despair.

For increasing numbers, and not just those on minimum wage, trying to live up to expectations, and the resultant financial burden, has become increasingly difficult. The gap between rich…

An Induction to Expedio

Nov 01 2018

Over the years the team at Expedio have been involved in quite a number of different businesses. Even though they have been in various industries, there has been one constant – people. Some businesses have had more people, others less. Having those people working together, for the same goals, with the right tools and knowledge, is critical.


Are we producing the right product?

Oct 01 2018

It’s a question every business asks in order to ensure that their offering, whether product or service, is what the markets wants and needs.

For an industrial landlord, finding the answers is a little harder than for many businesses. Many of our potential customers are one step removed from our team, and serviced by real estate agents. And…