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Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

Know your customer

Mar 02 2020

Here at Expedio we talk a lot about qualifying the customer; and the times we see a lack of it. Qualifying your customer is simply finding out who they are, and what their needs and wants are. What is the problem that they need to solve?

The first touchpoint an agent will have with a new potential customer is generally an enquiry for a specific…

Crystal Ball Gazing

Feb 02 2020

I am always intrigued by the amount and type  of training and education that goes into preparation for various occupations. We know that different occupations require different skills and training.

I have always thought that part of the training to become a hairdresser was a basic course in inane chatter. Something like “Talking Drivel Level…

Should business operators be licensed?

Jan 14 2020

There are many jurisdictions around the world that require a license to operate a business.

In New Zealand, to be a plumber, or a pharmacist, or an electrician, you need a licence. Yet, to operate most types of business, a license is not mandatory.

A recent article in the NBR (“Commercial property set to boom in 2020” Andrew Bevin)…

To release: Now or Later?

Jan 14 2020

It is an interesting discussion that takes place in the Expedio office every time we have a property that will ultimately be available for lease or sale. The question is: Do we release details to the market now (when the property is likely in original state) or later (when the refurbishment is completed)?

One viewpoint is that potential tenants…

What I want for Christmas

Dec 02 2019

Normally my approach is to try and ignore Christmas. I stay away from Malls. I studiously avoid Christmas parties. And I leave the gift buying to someone who has a better talent for it than I do.

And I hope that if someone decides to give me a gift, that it is not socks. I do have quite enough socks. Just saying.

But this year I am…

Pull my chain once again

Dec 02 2019

A recent interaction with an agent gave us cause to reflect on a contrasting interaction some 30 years ago. Different boots on different feet. And we recognise that there will be those whose reaction may well be “OK Boomer”. But bear with us. There is a point to the story , as considering ways in which we can improve our performance has got to be…

Expedio Refurbishment – A Case Study

Nov 02 2019

Industrial building refurbishment is more than just a coat of paint. That’s with an Expedio refurbishment at least.

Recently Expedio refurbished a generic industrial building at 54 Ascot Rd, Airport Oaks.

Here is the detail of how that refurbishment went – showing that it is much more than just a paint job, and that ensuring functionality…

Aligning expectations with tenants

Nov 02 2019

Is tenant selection needed? Do we want every tenant?

The answer is yes. And no. Yes, tenant selection is needed, and no, we don’t want every tenant that might want to lease one of our buildings.

The relationship between landlord and tenant is a long term one. In our business it averages 9 years. During the term of that relationship…

Health and Safety

Oct 02 2019

Expedio is in the business of refurbishing, buying, selling and leasing industrial buildings. All of our buildings are industrial workplaces, either by industrial businesses (when tenanted) or as building sites (when under refurbishment).

Common Sense would dictate that all usual health and safety precautions should apply. However, as we…

Council Applauded!

Oct 02 2019

There are many times we are critical of council. They are a monopoly, so can charge what they feel like. They contract out, and then don’t check and supervise the work. They are slow and unresponsive.

But this week when we received a CCC from council (only took about 6 months – but that is a story for another time) we actually bothered to…

Double Standards

Sep 02 2019

I know it’s bad for my mental health, but I recently tuned in to talkback radio.

And this time it wasn’t the crazies calling in that gave me cause to think – it was the host. One minute ranting about how much value the outgoing management at Fonterra had lost for the company, and the next minute about how fuel companies were ripping us off.…


Sep 02 2019

As Minister Shane Jones goes about planting his one billion trees, our thoughts go to the potential mountain biking and trail running opportunities all those forests will provide. It’s a win-win-win. There are increased employment opportunities in places where often there are not a lot of jobs. The forests will offset our carbon footprint. And more…