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Who pays for everything we have a "right" to?

01 August 2022

Reading the mainstream media can be almost as dangerous as paying attention to social media. Very often discerning truth from fiction is a fraught exercise. And it seems there are plenty in the media ranks who believe that if a story is repeated enough in different forms it will… Read More


11 July 2022

We regard “keeping it simple” as something of an artform. There is beauty in simplicity. But often that beauty is overshadowed by complication and obfuscation. Sometimes simplicity is not achieved by simply leaving out stuff. It takes skill to tell a simple story by deciding… Read More

Tulip Bulbs Anyone?

27 June 2022

Expedio is an industrial property investor. We specialize in industrial property – not residential, retail, office, or any other facet of the property market. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t also study trends in other parts of the wider property market. We have delved… Read More

Greedflation - Is it a thing?

07 June 2022

There is no doubt that we are in for a period of inflation. And inflation probably unlike anything we have seen since the 1970s. And that means there are many people in the workforce today who have never experienced real inflation. Essentially inflation is a loss of purchasing… Read More

Yields Vs Interest Rates

30 May 2022

It has been a constant over the past few years that yields would track interest rates. As interest rates reduced – so too did yields compress. But yields were always a couple of percentage points above interest rates. Which meant that investors could buy property at a yield higher… Read More


09 May 2022

Marketing is an interesting (and confusing) topic. There are people who believe (as certain politicians do) that throwing money at something will result in action. Just as those politicians are deluded, so are those who believe marketing is just about spending money. Illustrating… Read More

Going green - Lunn Ave Refurbishment Recycling

28 February 2022

This refurbishment included the removal of a well constructed , but not permitted , mezzanine. Rather than just send it all to landfill, we engaged the services of  a specialist deconstructor. See their report here for details of how much of the materials they were able to re-use.… Read More

Going green or virtue signalling?

28 February 2022

Expedio has just placed our first order for a solar panel installation. Perhaps we could be accused of being a little slow in demonstrating our green credentials. However, we have been known to be a little cynical at times of some of the virtue signalling that goes on around… Read More

This CEO pays new employees $5,000 to quit

07 January 2022

This Article is from Fast Company and the original is here  This CEO pays new employees $5,000 to quit It might seem counterintuitive,… Read More

Every Child Should Learn About These 50 Cognitive Biases

07 January 2022

This Article is from and the original is here  Elon Musk Thinks Every Child Should Learn About These 50 Cognitive Biases Would the world be more… Read More

It's the Festive Season

01 December 2021

For some it may be. But for many the season won’t be very festive at all. Most of those we interact with on a daily basis are involved in commerce. And in those interactions we hear stories of some of the disruptions and hardships which have arisen over the past year. Whilst… Read More

State of the Industry

01 December 2021

What a difference a few weeks can make!  For some time every agent we spoke with was bereft of properties to sell. Then within a few weeks there are so many opportunities it is almost overwhelming. At Expedio we are currently transacting more deals than ever before. But the plethora… Read More