Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

An Agents Role

Feb 02 2021

The cynical would possibly contend that the role of an agent is to interpose themselves  between buyer and seller in order that they can take a commission.

Of course we would not say that.

But we do often ponder what the role of the agent should be. We are well aware that over time that role has changed. But the agent must add value…

Time for Time Out

Jan 12 2021

We thought about the government’s promised upcoming inquiry into supermarket pricing. Which of course lead us  to conclude that it will be about as useful as their inquiry into the fuel industry. Simply expensive posturing. But we all know that there is a real problem with supermarkets.. Back in the not too distant past when we could travel to Europe,…

What's the problem?

Jan 12 2021

In our interactions with potential clients, first item on the agenda is identifying what their problem is.

Because every client has a problem – and identifying that problem helps us to avoid taking a wrong path, and take the appropriate path.

The client may not see it as a problem, but there is always a motivation that leads a them…

The death of customer service

Jan 12 2021

For most of us, it’s all about the long term relationship (and therefore the long term revenue) rather than one individual transaction. We have a contract for mobile phone service. We subscribe to a magazine, or app, or satellite TV, rather than buying individual magazines or individual programs. Or, from another perspective, think of the jobbing…

The year that was

Dec 02 2020

As we look back on the industrial property sector of 2020, it is with very sobering emotions. Worldwide millions have lost their lives due to Covid 19, and for most others there has been major upheaval in their lives.

In New Zealand the major lasting impact has been economic. In our sector the early part of the year was dominated by the political…

And more reflections

Dec 02 2020

It’s that time of year when we look in the rear vision mirror, and get just a little philosophical. Aside from the obvious impact of Covid 19, there have been other aspects of the industry that have made more than a passing impression.

Whatever the sentiment in the market may be, the reality is that technology is playing an ever more important…

The Case for a business licence

Nov 01 2020

Experiences over the course of 2020 have convinced us that there is a real case for requiring people entering the business world to have to acquire some training and a licence of competence in advance.

We are well aware that just having a licence does not ensure competence. You don’t  have to drive far on our roads to be aware of that. But…

Market Comment Nov 2020

Nov 01 2020

The argument has been well made by those with more learning than we have, that the primary long term impact of QE (money printing) is increasing asset prices. Well meaning as the concept is, to increase economic activity by pumping more money into a struggling economy, the reality is that a significant portion ends up invested in assets – and a large…

How Contracts Work. Or Don't.

Oct 02 2020

I’m no lawyer. But from experience of negotiations and contracts I have evolved some theories about the way contracts work. And often don’t.

A contract is an agreement between parties. Often it provides for a ”worst case” scenario of provisions for what happens when things go wrong. More often it provides fees for lawyers drafting the contract,…

Wins in Triplicate

Oct 02 2020

Last month we described how a typical Expedio refurbishment is undertaken. If a building has good bones we can complete refurbishment to a high standard. This work adds value for us as the vendor/ landlord, but also for the end user.

The nuts and bolts and physical work is fairly cut and…

Market View October 2020

Oct 02 2020

For all the prognosis of doom and gloom in the market a few short months ago, the reality is that life goes on. Somewhat differently if you are running an international airline, a cruise operation, or even a café in a tourist hotspot.

But for most in the greater Auckland industrial property market, there are 3 factors shaping our lives:

  1. Business…

Another successful Expedio Refurb

Sep 02 2020

Industrial property renewal and renovation is Expedio’s bread and butter. Our philosophy is to always leave a building in a better state that we found it. More often than not, we leave a building not just renovated, but transformed into premises that will serve the market for another 30-40 years.

Having accumulated years of experience in…