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Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

Health and Safety

Oct 01 2019

Expedio is in the business of refurbishing, buying, selling and leasing industrial buildings. All of our buildings are industrial workplaces, either by industrial businesses (when tenanted) or as building sites (when under refurbishment).

Common Sense would dictate that all usual health and…

Council Applauded!

Oct 01 2019

There are many times we are critical of council. They are a monopoly, so can charge what they feel like. They contract out, and then don’t check and supervise the work. They are slow and unresponsive.

But this week when we received a CCC from council (only took about 6 months – but that is…

Double Standards

Sep 01 2019

I know it’s bad for my mental health, but I recently tuned in to talkback radio.

And this time it wasn’t the crazies calling in that gave me cause to think – it was the host. One minute ranting about how much value the outgoing management at Fonterra had lost for the company, and the next…


Sep 01 2019

As Minister Shane Jones goes about planting his one billion trees, our thoughts go to the potential mountain biking and trail running opportunities all those forests will provide. It’s a win-win-win. There are increased employment opportunities in places where often there are not a lot of jobs. The…


Sep 01 2019

Comparisons can sometimes  throw up some interesting data.

It’s important that prospective tenants know what a building is going to cost them to occupy. We cannot predict what devious new ways the Council will find to increase rates in the future, but at least this year’s rates will give a…


Sep 01 2019

As a sometime watcher of American television and movies, there is one element of many storylines that makes me want to extract vengeance on the scriptwriter. I know full well that TV and movies are not real life.

But unfortunately it’s a line that is repeated very often in real life by Americans.…


Sep 01 2019

We have read various commentaries predicting that with the last cut, and the promise of more to come, of the Official Cash Rate, that yields will follow a parallel course and reduce also. It’s a simple premise – that as landlords can borrow for less, and if they have cash in the bank they will receive…

Measure twice, cut once

Aug 01 2019

This was the message repeated over and over to us as a youngster as an assistant to a builder. It’s a message not forgotten. And it can be applied in so many more fields than just carpentry.

When recently we were presented with an opportunity which involved a vendor who was not registered…

Productivity is New Zealand's biggest economic challenge

Aug 01 2019

The headline is not an attention seeking one of our making. It’s front and centre on the website of the government’s Treasury Department.

They say that “Productivity and labour force participation are the key drivers of economic performance, higher wages and higher living standards. With an…

Compare and Contrast

Aug 01 2019

A favourite theme of English teachers (at least it was back in time when we went to school) was to compile an essay on “Comparing and Contrasting”. Usually to do with poetry or plays. And it comes to mind periodically when we think about the usefulness of some aspects of higher education – we once…

A case for thinking rental calculations

Jul 01 2019

There are times that industries can be a little like a flock of sheep. If some of the flock turn one way, the rest will too. Or as  Donald Trump would do: say it enough times and it must be true.

And the way we calculate rentals is a little like that. The size of the building times a pre-determined…

Warts and All

Jul 01 2019

When we are looking to purchase a new TV, a new car or even a fishing rod or a movie ticket, for most the first place they go is the internet. Looking at reviews, comparisons, specifications and prices is now second nature for most. We want the information about the product, or the service, what others…