Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

Market commentary for May 2011

Jun 01 2011

The pattern which has been evolving this year continued during May. There are good interest levels in property – particularly in the range from 300 m2 through to 1000 m2, from both tenants and owner-occupiers.

Often however, that interest has to be flushed out, and those agents who maintain…

The customer is always right?

Jun 01 2011

This mantra is often repeated as though it is a fundamental law of nature. Certainly the more we read management and business books emanating from the USA , the more we are convinced that American writers believe it. Perhaps it was written down on one of those  lumps of stone Moses lugged down the…

13G Saleyards Road has sold

May 29 2011

13G Saleyards Road, Otahuhu has sold thanks to Katie Wu of Bayleys.

Plunket Ave Manukau

May 21 2011

Nikau Rd

Apr 11 2011

Refurbishment is already underway, and details on the available tenancies will be calculated soon. There will be flexibility as to size, and this will be cheap space – motor industry tenants welcome !  Call us for more information if you have space requirements.

Units A & B at 68 Tidal Rd have sold

Apr 07 2011

2 of the 4 units have now sold, there is a conditional agreement to sell on the third, and the tenant has a right of refusal to purchase the 4th.

what is it worth

Apr 05 2011

This is a question we are asked increasingly often. Of course, we always have a ready answer: Exactly what a buyer is prepared to pay for it.

But the more we are asked the question, the more we think about how possible it would be to put all the variables into a matrix (or a computer…

The recession is over!

Apr 05 2011

Whilst the quarterly economic activity numbers which officially tell us how our economy is performing are important, we prefer to rely on other measures to form our opinion. These other measures we find to be more reliable, and in particular don't contain that time lag which usually exists between…

Technology and the selling process

Apr 05 2011

The art and skill in selling remains relatively constant, but the tools we use to enhance our productivity are constantly changing. We have previously shared our view that the skill in selling is not in any way related to the skill involved in kindergarten "show and tell". Real selling requires…

The Expedio buying criteria

Apr 05 2011

As a professional property investor Expedio is looking at prospective acquisitions in much the same light as other investors. But are we?

Recently we were asked what we looked for in properties. A refreshing change from some of the properties which are promoted to us with no thought…

The power of suggestion

Apr 05 2011

Many years ago in another life I spent considerable time in the company of sheep. This was back in the days when wool was primarily used for making heavy garments to keep soldiers warm in faraway wars, and lamb was frozen for the long trip to the "mother country". And a good background for the…