Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

A rather soft underbelly

Feb 29 2012

It was my first time at such a conference, not being an habitué of any part of the justice system, so I left the suit at home, not wanting to appear too overdressed in such a situation. As it turned out, others were obviously concerned that they too were not overdressed and intimidating. The CYFS…

Brownfields, Greenfields

Feb 29 2012

Looks like they will remain fields for some time.

Whether discussing Brownfields or Greenfields developments at present, the answer is about the same - it doesn't pay. And it won't for some time.

In assessing the viability of building - and that includes clearing existing older buildings,or…

Is this a new record?

Feb 14 2012

Over the years we have lost tenants for a variety of reasons. Some purchase their own buildings. Some need smaller or larger buildings. The odd one has even gone broke.
This week saw our shortest ever tenancy – between signing the agreement to lease and paying the deposit (which never…

Mana Place

Feb 03 2012

The current tenant at 6I Mana Place, Manukau will be vacating end of February. We will immediately be looking to complete a basic refurbishment.

Ideally, we'll have a committed tenant and we'll be able to tailor the refurbishment to suit their requirements.

The building is 170 sqm…

Business goes on

Feb 03 2012

Amongst the talk of doom and gloom that seems to come in a different form almost every day out of Europe, our view on the economic future for New Zealand is a little different. We recognise that in a global village a butterfly hatching in Greece may  cause a tsunami here, but most of the time business…

141 Kerrs Rd has been leased

Feb 01 2012

141 Kerrs Rd has been leased thanks to John Bolton of Bayleys.

4/10 Dent Place under conditional contract

Jan 09 2012

Unit 4, 10 Dent Place is under conditional contract to end February. Call us for more details.

Making sense of yields

Jan 09 2012

The festive season gives us good opportunity to amply consider many things. This year, after the pavlova was consumed, and before we settled on the resolutions for the new year, I started to think about property yields – and more particularly why they are at the level they are.

I tend to discount…

5B POLARIS PLACE Refurbishment Complete

Dec 05 2011

The refurbishment at 5b Polaris Place, East Tamaki is nearly complete.
The building comprises 482 sqm medium stud warehouse and 68 sqm office/amenities. It is located in the heart of East Tamaki and has dual roller door access, perfect for storage or manufacturing!


General Election and Festive Greetings

Dec 01 2011


Another election has come and gone - this one notable for both how little disruption it caused to economic activity, and for the low voter turnout. In percentage terms it was the lowest turnout in 120 years. We can certainly empathise with the attitude that by ignoring politicians…