Monthly Musings.

Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

Either learning or dying

May 31 2012

We have always adhered to the concept that if you are not learning, then you must be dying.Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller say it better than we can in their book Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life : "Growth is what separates living things from dying things,Growth brings energy, vitality,…

What makes a good agent?

May 26 2012

I am a believer in the power of simplicity.
Or, to put it another way, complicating things doesn't make them any better or more efficient.

Today I am here to tell you what we do, how we do it, and why we find most industrial real estate agents hopeless. And of course how very simple…

5b Polaris Place now leased

May 03 2012

Since purchasing this 550 sqm of no frills warehouse space, we have had contractors complete a basic refurbishment.
The exterior and entranceway has been modernised, the offices have been opened up, and they received a fresh touch of paint.

Perhaps the time has come for a Marxist revolution?

May 01 2012

Back in the 1970's things were just a little different. We wrote letters (as opposed to email or text). We wore long socks with shorts. And our parents thought that free love and rock 'n roll were signs of the imminent demise of civilisation. As they knew it. Perhaps they were right.

The days are getting shorter, or so it seems

Apr 30 2012

With the completion of day light savings and the onset of winter we're faced with what feel like shorter days. We've still got X, Y, and Z to complete, and yet we've got less daylight to do them in. It's even more important at this time of year to reflect on our own processes to ensure that we're…

We appreciate feedback, as long as it's honest!

Apr 30 2012

Dishonest feedback is not feedback at all, it's a fictional story. We realise that it's the real estate agents on the coal face that have a better idea of the market than we do, and we appreciate the feedback that they can provide us. What the market is doing, or how our vacant buildings are placed…

Professional Offices in Central Manukau

Apr 30 2012

We are currently renovating a small industrial unit just off Cavendish Drive to provide 86 square metres of professional office space plus 64 square metres of high stud warehouse/storage.
Easy to find, more than ample parking, and classy offices, for a very reasonable price.
Call us now…

Market Commentary - May

Apr 30 2012

It's very much a mixed bag in the marketplace at present. One day we are run off our feet with interest in properties, and offers. The next day the phone doesn't ring.
Certainly the major drivers we are seeing are owner/occupier interest , mainly brought about by sustained lower interest…

55 Druces now available for sale

Apr 18 2012

55 Druces Road, Manukau is now also available for sale. Please contact us if you have a client that may be interested. 

Man Up

Apr 02 2012

As a sequel to last month's tale of an experience attending family group conferences of young offenders, during the month I received several envelopes full of paper from CYFS.
In private enterprise we are always searching for better, faster , and more efficient ways to do things. Perhaps…

6I Mana Place, Manukau has been leased

Mar 08 2012

6I Mana Place, Manukau has been leased.