Monthly Musings.

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Less legislation - more morality?

Aug 31 2012

There are times when a chance conversation triggers thoughts, and perhaps insights, about issues which directly impact on our daily lives. A recent conversation with a British business associate had the effect of making me think about the New Zealand business environment.

The associate's British…

141 Kerrs Road has been leased

Aug 09 2012

141 Kerrs Road has been leased thanks to Mike Marinkovich of Action Realty.

141 Kerrs Road back available for lease

Aug 06 2012

141 Kerrs Road is back available for lease. Please contact us if you have a client that may be interested.

Running in the arctic

Jul 31 2012

Recently Richard Keene and Susan Prater from the Expedio team had the opportunity to run a marathon inside the Arctic Circle. Read here about the journey to Somerset Island in Nunavit - and a little (but not too much !) about the marathon…

A buoyant economy - or one still in trouble?

Jul 31 2012

We find ourselves constantly asked for our view on the state of the economy. It's certainly not because of any classical training as an economist. Or perhaps it is because we have not trained as an economist. Perhaps it is simply because we work with such a variety of businesses - and are consistently…

Unit 2, 237-239 Great South Road, Drury has been leased

Jul 25 2012

Unit 2, 237-239 Great South Road, Drury has been leased.

55A Druces has been sold

Jul 25 2012

55 Druces Road, Manukau has been sold thanks to Mike Marinkovich of Action Realty.

Roll up, roll up - see the skinny freak

Jun 28 2012

As a boy I was taken to the annual A&P show in Upper Hutt. My mother feigned an interest in farm stock being paraded and insisted I do likewise, she deeming this "educational".

But my attention was focused longingly on…

Either learning or dying

May 31 2012

We have always adhered to the concept that if you are not learning, then you must be dying.Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller say it better than we can in their book Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life : "Growth is what separates living things from dying things,Growth brings energy, vitality,…

What makes a good agent?

May 26 2012

I am a believer in the power of simplicity.
Or, to put it another way, complicating things doesn't make them any better or more efficient.

Today I am here to tell you what we do, how we do it, and why we find most industrial real estate agents hopeless. And of course how very simple…