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Sheep numbers on the increase

Oct 31 2013

There was a time when jokes were routinely made about the sheep population in New Zealand - 20 sheep for every inhabitant. Over the years the sheep population has declined dramatically. Low prices for wool and sheep meat and the money to be made from dairy conversions have seen an increasing dairy…

Should we listen to talkback?

Oct 31 2013

Driving to an appointment recently and experiencing the type of stop-go traffic which must surely sap a massive amount of Auckland’s productivity, I mindlessly turned the radio on. There are some stations I will listen to at some hours, and not at others. This was one of those times I won’t listen.…

Refurbishment Program

Oct 30 2013

A part of our business at Expedio is refurbishment of existing industrial buildings. It's not nearly as big as our core business of leasing industrial buildings, but it is an essential part.

What do we set out to achieve when we refurbish a building?

Having occupied industrial…

Thanks to Ash Vincent

Oct 21 2013

Real estate agents reknown for one night stands

Sep 30 2013

There is a fundamental difference in the length and quality of relationships between tenants and agents and tenants and landlords.

The agent's relationship is more like a one night stand, whereas ours is a more long term relationship.
The agent romances the client, tells all the right…

Thanks to David Annan

Sep 30 2013

Thanks to John Bolton

Jul 12 2013

Industrial is not residential

Jun 30 2013

Periodically there are aspects of the world which appear to be commonly accepted as truths, but on sober reflection just don't seem right. We recall some years prior to the GFC writing about so-called "low - doc" loans in the USA.

We pondered how lending with no deposit on overvalued homes…

Thanks to Katie Wu

Jun 25 2013