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Thoughts on the Real Estate market and beyond.

How Contracts Work. Or Don't.

Oct 01 2020

I’m no lawyer. But from experience of negotiations and contracts I have evolved some theories about the way contracts work. And often don’t.

A contract is an agreement between parties. Often it provides for a ”worst case” scenario of provisions for what happens when things go wrong. More often…

Wins in Triplicate

Oct 01 2020

Last month we described how a typical Expedio refurbishment is undertaken. If a building has good bones we can complete refurbishment to a high standard. This work adds value for us as the vendor/ landlord, but also for the end user.


Market View October 2020

Oct 01 2020

For all the prognosis of doom and gloom in the market a few short months ago, the reality is that life goes on. Somewhat differently if you are running an international airline, a cruise operation, or even a café in a tourist hotspot.

But for most in the greater Auckland industrial property…

Another successful Expedio Refurb

Sep 01 2020

Industrial property renewal and renovation is Expedio’s bread and butter. Our philosophy is to always leave a building in a better state that we found it. More often than not, we leave a building not just renovated, but transformed into premises that will serve the market for another 30-40 years.


Diversity vs Talent

Sep 01 2020

We are learning the advantages of biodiversity in nature and agriculture, and of course the potential dangers of monoculture. Similarly in many organisations people are learning the benefits that diversity can bring. Differing viewpoints, experiences and talents all contribute in different ways. One…

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing

Sep 01 2020

That’s a quote from Warren Buffett – The Oracle of Omaha. He is famous for having very simple rules for how he amassed his fortune. Many of those rules follow the same principle : Always have great information.
We believe that rule applies equally to property investment as it does to investment…

Is Proptech the Real Estate gamechanger?

Aug 01 2020

According to Wikipedia, Proptech, or Property Technology is the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate markets. More generally the term is applied widely to startups who have intentions of disrupting the way business is done in the Real Estate sector.


Crystal Ball Gazing

Aug 01 2020

We don’t often engage in crystal ball gazing. Or for that matter tea leaf reading, tarot cards or analyzing the crinkly lines on our hands.

But from time to time it is useful to look at the factors influencing our economy, and try to determine how those factors may shape our future.


To Plan, or not to Plan – what is our strategy?

Aug 01 2020

Recently the Greens announced a Robin Hood election policy that is interesting in more ways than one. Taking from the hard-working to channel it to those who have made different choices in life is obviously a blatant attempt to shore up their fading electoral base. But behind the obvious, it illustrates…

The redundancy of DD Clauses

Jul 01 2020

A potential buyer is interested in purchasing a property. The property is being auctioned. The expectation is that the potential buyer will do copius amounts of due diligence prior to the auction, as well as arranging finance, so that they are totally  prepared to make an unconditional bid at the…

Market Perspective July 2020

Jul 01 2020

How has the market reacted post Covid lockdown? And where to from here?

There is no doubt that office and retail markets have been badly hit by the economic fallout from Covid 19. But, despite  predictions to the contrary, industrial property has barely been impacted. To date, the industrial…

How did Commercial Landlords come to be whipping boys?

Jun 01 2020

And is it our own fault?

The recent “health” crisis (which has now become a true economic crisis) changed the behaviour of many overnight. The fear of a pandemic turned the majority of the population into a compliant horde who hung off every word of the daily one o’clock talking heads. There…