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How sustainable can we be?

Oct 01 2021

It is a question that we often address.  What can we in the industrial property segment do in order to be more friendly to the planet?

Whilst it is not a reason for inactivity (on the part of the landlord); greater environmental impact, or sustainability, is made by how a business operates within a building, rather than the construction of…

Call the Ghostbusters

Oct 01 2021

We have all experienced the ghostly phenomenon. A vendor signs an agency agreement, and says” Bring me an offer”. The agent brings an offer. Then there is no response from the vendor. Tomorrow, or the next day. Or the day after that. Calls are not answered, emails not responded to.

Or the prospective purchaser wants information on a property.…

Market Comment October 2021

Oct 01 2021

One of the most interesting aspects of this most recent lockdown is how much business continued to be transacted. Our observation was that businesspeople realised life had to go on, and therefore found ways to continue to buy and sell property.

The chatter pre-lockdown was speculation that an increased OCR would result in yields mirroring…

Broken Windows

Sep 01 2021

“Broken Windows” is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behaviour and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder. Rudy Giuliani, back when he had some credibility as Mayor of New York, implemented a policy based on the broken windows theory. He had broken windows…

Raiders of the Lost Art of Questioning

Sep 01 2021

Periodically we don our fedora and safari suit and set out on another quest. In our imagination we are a (younger) Harrison Ford searching for an elusive golden key to the secrets to the universe.

And of course the art of questioning is in some ways a key to the universe. Certainly the universe of sales. But the art of questioning is something…

WFH – what changes can we make?

Sep 01 2021

Being thrown into lockdown once again has again brought to the fore the topic of working from home, and the associated efficiencies or inefficiencies. Whilst we are intermittently irritated by the stream of articles in the press intimating that everyone is working from home, and conveniently ignoring those who are essential workers and have to be…

What does the data tell us?

Aug 02 2021

Recently we went through the exercise of selling a residential home. It was a GJ Gardner home in a desirable South Auckland suburb. Nothing particularly special about it – certainly not a Herne Bay mansion.

Although we are versed in the process of buying and selling industrial real estate, we don’t transact residential on a regular basis.…

It’s not the BIG that eat the SMALL… it’s the FAST that eat the SLOW

Aug 02 2021

One of the books in the Expedio library that is somewhat dog-eared from use, is “It’s not the BIG that eat the SMALL… it’s the FAST that eat the SLOW” by Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton. It was published back in 2000, but retains it’s relevance today. Perhaps even more so. It is no secret that speed is one of the most competitive tools in contemporary…

How Valued is Green?

Jul 02 2021

Increasingly we see the benefits of “green” buildings being hailed. Whilst mostly new office buildings, there are also examples of green aspects of industrial buildings lauded in the press.

Is this trend just virtue signalling? Or is it something real that we should be incorporating into the way we do business?

When a major oil company…


Jul 02 2021

It is an ongoing discussion as to what constitutes a “fair” or reasonable commission.

There are times when an agent works on a deal only for it to come to nothing. Or an agent has to work long, hard and inventively to get a deal across the line. And then there are times when agents almost accidentally manage to conclude a deal.


Let's value what matters

Jun 02 2021

The current prevailing methodology for valuing industrial buildings is to put a price on every square metre of office, and every square metre of warehouse/factory, with weightings of these prices determined by such factors as quality of the space, stud height, suburb etc. Then additional charges are added for car parks and yard space.


Are commissions upside down?

Jun 02 2021

Real estate marketers are constantly telling us that the agent works for the vendor, and will get the vendor the best price. The cynical might well correct that advertising hype by saying that the reality is that the agent works for themselves. Most agents work on a sales commission basis, with the conventional commission structure being based on…