New boards for Waihi Beach lifeguards

Earlier this year, Expedio announced support for Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services in the form of funding for 3 new fiberglass boards.
The Lifeguards are volunteers and run programs year round providing training, personal development, fitness and sporting opportunities to build the skills of volunteers. They also run summer programs and community education programs such as beach education classes, and the annual children’s sports day.
Although the business of Expedio is Industrial Property, people run businesses, and our people know through experience that good health, both physical and mental, is supported by an active lifestyle and good food choices.

Often we see around us the impact of poor food and nutrition choices and the lack of an active lifestyle. At Expedio we want to contribute to a pro-active approach to rectifying these two negatives.

The boards we funded have been produced and allocated to volunteers who are actively involved in the club and in competition.

14 year old Tim was issued a board as a direct result of the commitment he has shown to both training and competitions.  He was chosen as the team leader for the Ocean’s Development Camp.
Yvette is a senior athlete who would be considered a star.  She strives to improve her personal best times and recently at the Eastern Region Championships she earned herself a medal for her efforts.
George is club coach but also a significant competitor in the open men’s category.  He is a natural athlete and leads by example when training and coaching.  It is great for the young athletes to see their coach training and then go on to perform well.

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