It's the Festive Season

Dec 01, 2021

For some it may be. But for many the season won’t be very festive at all.

Most of those we interact with on a daily basis are involved in commerce. And in those interactions we hear stories of some of the disruptions and hardships which have arisen over the past year.

Whilst there have been economic winners from this pandemic, there have also been plenty of losers. And whilst the media have largely focussed on handouts from the pulpit of truth, and bleatings from academics far removed from the realities of that which underpins our economy, there have been a multitude of unreported consequences.

It's not just hospitality and tourism and international education and events which have suffered. Ultimately we all are impacted in some way from the flow on effects of inflation, labour shortages, supply chain disruption and stress. And overlaying all of this the “most transparent government ever” is unravelling as the true extent of it’s incompetence becomes apparent. And we expect next year to be as disrupted as this past year. Unfortunately a somewhat gloomy – but realistic -  prognosis !

As this year draws to a close the Expedio team would like to extend our thanks to all those who have worked with us over the course of the year, and offer our best wishes for the Festive Season and the New Year. For many in the property industry, despite the challenges, it has been a very positive year, with appropriate rewards for those prepared to put the hard work in. May 2022 be just as rewarding.

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