It ain't over until the fat lady sings (colloquialism)

The colloquialism says that the show isn’t over until the Fat Lady has sung. But is the show really over? Industrial Real Estate is a show that is ongoing. Properties go under contract, with due diligence, and agents are only paid their commission if the deal goes unconditional. Which makes it surprising when an agent goes missing in (in)action during the DD period. If, even without the agent playing a part, the sale or lease goes unconditional, then there are still opportunities for the agent to buy, sell or lease other properties for the same parties.

But that requires follow up and ongoing communication. Which again makes it surprising when the agent disappears with his (and it is always a male agent) commission, minus any follow-up.

Perhaps they were at the beach the day of the lesson on repeat business at sales school?  We appreciate those agents who keep coming back for more business.