Expedio Refurbishment – A Case Study

Industrial building refurbishment is more than just a coat of paint. That’s with an Expedio refurbishment at least.

Recently Expedio refurbished a generic industrial building at 54 Ascot Rd, Airport Oaks.

Here is the detail of how that refurbishment went – showing that it is much more than just a paint job, and that ensuring functionality is more important than just appearance.

Every refurbishment has it’s individual quirks, and often what these are is not known until we progress into the job. In this case the first task, which we rarely encounter, but interestingly had just done a similar job, was to fill a large hole inside the warehouse. The last tenant of the building had created a hole about the size of small swimming pool for a specific industrial process. Filling it in is not just a case of dumping spoil. It needs to be solid fill, in this case multiple  truckloads of crushed concrete, and then compacted every 300mm. The top 150mm is concrete, including re-inforcing steel, and starters drilled into the existing concrete pad to ensure a seamless join.

Roller doors seem to be a chattel which many owners, tenants and managers believe will continue to operate indefinitely with no maintenance. This is certainly not the case. In this building there are 5 roller doors. All were well past their use by date, and a couple even dangerous. We made the decision that 2 of the doors would never likely be used by any tenant, and so welded them up. The other 3 doors were replaced. The new doors were motorised, as having a motor on a roller door makes life easier for staff, but also prolongs the life of the door. The story was the same with personnel fire exits. All 6 needed replacing, and with new exit hardware. Surprising as it might seem, often we find that fire exits are nailed, or even welded, shut. Commonly they are padlocked shut. It would seem that in the event of a fire, staff are expected to go looking for a padlock key before they can escape.

The inside walls of this warehouse were a combination of random pastel colours and thirty year old bare grubby concrete. A coat of white paint over the lot brightened the warehouse massively.

All lighting, from warehouse hi-bay lights through to office and amenities lighting, was replaced with high quality LED lighting. At the same time all electrical work was checked, and one of the switchboards replaced.

In the offices, all the window catches were checked, and most replaced, all carpet replaced, air conditioning units checked and serviced, and 2 units replaced as they were past their useable life. Locking devices on doors were changed so that they were compliant with fire regulations, and door hardware replaced to modernise.
In the grounds, gardens were weeded and sprayed, trees trimmed, and new greenery planted, as well the whole property sprayed for weeds. A part of the façade was painted to change the external image.

Back in the warehouse, broken windows were replaced. All toilets were replaced, along with hand basins, mirrors, and hot water cylinders. In some areas leaking water pipes had resulted in rotten walls, so these were replaced.

And finally, with all that done, the roof was replaced. Whilst the roof could have been patched some more, it would still have been a patched roof. To be fair to a tenant or purchaser, replacement was the best answer.

And so another Expedio refurbishment project was completed. Much more than just a paint job. And certainly at far greater cost than most agents think a “spruce up” will cost.

But then, it is a product we are proud to pass on to a new owner or a tenant.