Expedio can assist

With buyers perceptions rapidly changing, and therefore impacting on activity levels, to ensure results we all need to consider alternatives to traditional transactions. In the current environment buyers are increasingly hesitant to commit - primarily as a result of negative media comment. Regrettably, just as the positives over the last few years have created an often unjustified upward spiral, now the negatives combine to produce their own downward vortex.

The reality is that little has changed apart from buyers perceptions - fuelled by the media. Business still goes on and businesses still need premises to work from. Some businesses are growing. Others are shrinking. New businesses are starting , and leases are expiring.

The opportunities for selling property are still there, but a changing market calls for imagination, and particularly in terms of ways in which we can bridge the gap for potential owners.

Some of the ways in which Expedio may be able to assist include :


  • Rent to own plans
  • Finance assistance
  • Fitout and alteration assistance


Simultaneously, often buyers need graphical demonstration of the financial benefits and advantages of ownership - whether it is as an owner-occupier or as an investor. It always amazes me that the average photocopier salesperson can produce better graphical sales tools illustrating the cashflow, tax and every other advantage of purchasing from them, than salespeople selling assets of far greater magnitude. Let's show potential buyers the real long term benefits of owning their own premises!