Council Applauded!

There are many times we are critical of council. They are a monopoly, so can charge what they feel like. They contract out, and then don’t check and supervise the work. They are slow and unresponsive.

But this week when we received a CCC from council (only took about 6 months – but that is a story for another time) we actually bothered to read it to the end.

And attached after the functional information regarding the CCC, there is a page titled “Important information about the maintenance of your building”

It’s both a timely and salient reminder that buildings need maintenance to ensure they are kept in sound operational condition. If more industrial owners took note of the advice from Council regarding maintenance, there would certainly be fewer opportunities for Expedio undertake all that “deferred maintenance”. In essence, there is truth in the old proverb “a stitch in time saves nine”.  You can read here.