Confusing Communication Conundrum

I don’t think that I am the only one who is confused about the new world order of communication. There is no doubt that Facebook is the best platform for sharing your cat’s antics or your dinner menu. And Instagram and Snapchat have their place, especially when sharing baby photos. Twitter is an effective mechanism for running a country when you are not yet officially in charge.
But for those of us simply getting on with doing business, the question revolves around simplicity and effectiveness. How can we get and receive information quickly and comprehensively, without being overwhelmed by the irrelevant , yet still subject to nuances?
Traditionally we might have face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations and email. But the plethora of available platforms, combined with the paucity of effectiveness of many, lead us to consider – Is there a better way ? Particularly when we consider that very often we are trying to do more with less – more information and more ideas requiring more feedback, but with far less time available.
The personal meetings can be very time consuming, but on the flip side, the best way to convey nuances is face-to-face. Email is great for creating a permanent record, and transferring large amounts of information. But very often it is over-used, and thereby loses it’s effectiveness. And Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc are only useful if the target is subscribed to those platforms. Telephone conveys immediacy, but doesn’t create a record – except the record that there was a call.
So we come back to the conundrum regarding the channel for communication – a major part of the sale making process. How do we best connect with our prospects, and get them the information they need, without overwhelming them with irrelevancies?
It’s a fine line. As a prospect, and a buyer, we are overwhelmed by emails trying to flog us a retirement village in Gore (for the unaware, Expedio only invests in Industrial, and only in South Auckland ) yet at the same time frustrated by lack of information, action and immediacy when there are properties which fall within our criteria.
Ultimately  it comes back to basic sales skills:
·        Build the relationship with the client
·        Qualify the prospect and the property
·        Present the relevant information
·        Follow up
·        Communicate
All of the above using the appropriate communication channel – email for information, telephone for immediacy, personal visits for soft information.

And, as there are rarely, if ever, cats or babies involved in industrial property, that pretty much rules out Facebook and Instagram. For now, anyway.