Avocado and Lemon Juice

To bring out the real flavour in avocado, you need to add a little lemon juice. And I am told that it’s not a real hot chocolate without marshmallows. A supermarket stocks basic essential items as well as luxury products. It’s part of the service to stock bread and milk as well as those lines where there is a more substantial margin. A bike shop might like to sell just the ten thousand dollar e-bikes. But they won’t last long unless they service them, and sell replacement parts as well.

And so it is with leasing and sales. They are both an essential part of the industrial real estate ecosystem. Investors buy property, and they need to lease it out.

So when agents come calling and saying they only want to sell properties – and there is insufficient commission to be bothered with leasing – it is understandable that they are shown the door promptly. We prefer to work with agents who understand that part of the deal is looking after the small sales and leases as well the big dollar sales. Leasing and Selling are as inseparable as avocado and lemon juice.