About Expedio

Expedio is an owner, trader, developer and landlord of industrial & commercial property - primarily in the south (between Penrose and Drury) of Auckland, New Zealand. Our main focus is on providing industrial buildings for our clients to lease. Our buildings generally range between 400 m2 and 2000 m2  (although there are exceptions) and are relatively generic in that they cater for a wide range of business types. Most are warehouse/factories with about 20% office space.

Our small team comes from a diverse range of commercial backgrounds. Although our history in the industrial property industry only goes back to 2002, our experience in other commercial and industrial pursuits is extensive in variety and geography.

We believe that if something is worth doing , that it is worth doing well. That belief is reflected in our building management, and in our commercial relationships. We also believe that it is important to maintain a balance in life between what we do in the office, and what we do outside of it. All of our team are passionate about the time they spend exploring the parts of New Zealand where you will not find asphalt roads and manicured lawns and gardens.

Expedio is also active in investing in our community. We believe there is an obvious direct link between good health and good diet and physical exercise. To promote good health we love investing in initiatives which facilitate and encourage good food and exercise.

To us, all these aspects are interconnected, and the business focus at Expedio reflect that.

Expedio is part of the Aventure Group. See also www.aventure.co.nz  for more. We welcome your enquiries.


For more information contact expedio@aventure.co.nz

Phone 09 262 0088

Or your usual industrial real estate agent, for information on any of our properties. 


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